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Company profile

Enterprise Scale
Xunda group was established in 1984,it is a high-tech private enterprise which integrate scientific research, production , domestic and overseas sales.
8 wholly-owned subsidiaries
3 industrial parks
● Hunan Science & Technology park
● Hubei industrial park
● Hubei renewable energy resources industry park 
Annual production capacity up to 8 million pcs
Total annual value 140 million USD

269 patents application
212 patents approved by Chinese office
1 international patent

ISO9001 Certificate of International Quality System
ISO14001 Certificate of International Environmental Protection 
SA8000 Social Accountability International standard
Gas appliances CE certificate
Gas appliances CCC certificate

Manufacturing technique
All modern precise processing equipments have been applied, i.e. slow-feeding EDM, CNC machining center, gantry type numerical control miller etc., which highly improve the speed and accuracy of new products development and processing, also shorten the preparation period of product remodeling.

Laser cutter, numerical control bending machine, welding robot and other kinds modern producing equipments have been used in Xunda's technological process, to increase manufacturing efficiency, guarantee product quality and decrease some facility input.

The degree of industry automation is the key of enterprise competition force. Xunda conducted independent automation technology improvement during manufacturing process, in this way to combine the process to a maximum extent, replace manual work with automatical tools and replace unintelligent facilities with intelligent ones. All is for guaranteeing and improving product quality from the perspective of technology.

Quality test
Xunda Group established all-around quality assurance setup with complete quality management system including quality responsibility, assessment & veto, and product technology quality analysis & improvement, as well as quality information feedback.

To guarantee process quality control, Xunda has line leakage detecting system, line laser barcode system, range hoods appliances testing system, and apply finished product sample test, first article inspection and other complete spot testing systems.

Infrastructure is an important work for Xunda. Nowadays Xunda owns comprehensive testing methods and industrial advanced testing ability. The laboratories are equipped with numerical multifunctional flue gas analyzer, intelligent leakage detector, S.S. gas cookers & water heaters testing bed, durability tester, electrical safety performance testing set, gas continuous automatical distributing system, imported ALIGENT chromatographic analyzer, numerical control water heater testing machine etc.


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