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Looking at the world to find opportunities - XunDa new products shine in the fall of 2015 Canton Fair

Writer:罗阳娟Date:12/23/2015 09:51 AM

China Import and Export Fair, also known as Canton Fair, has been 58 years of history, is China's longest history, the highest level, the largest comprehensive international trade event. XunDa has been exhibiting since 1998 and has been 17 years old.

October 19, 2015, 118 session of the China Import and Export Fair in Guangzhou Pazhou Complex successfully closed, 291 enterprises in Hunan Baotuan exhibitors.


There are indications that China's industrial economy is moving towards a new norm that slows down and tends to be better. Turkey, Poland and other countries have become the post-factory of developed countries in Europe, India, Vietnam, Laos and other third world countries, the low labor force is gradually replacing the status of China's manufacturing, the face of the international market besieged, transformation and upgrading, cultivate new advantages of foreign trade competition Is China's foreign trade from the big country into the trade power of the only way, which is "Made in China" turned "China to create" an important driver. In the face of severe foreign trade situation, strengthen their comparative advantage, attract buyers, retain customers is our top priority. As of October 18, Canton Fair buyers buyers around the world to about 88,000 people, the number of Asian countries, the total number of buyers 59%.图片 

Quality gain reputation, research and development to win the market, brand cohesion performance. Although XunDa is located in central China, not in the Yangtze River Delta, Pearl River Delta and other industrial clusters, but after 31 years of baptism precipitation, we have another way, product quality is obvious to all. XunDa's strong market, such as Bangladesh, there are many customers of the country come here especially, the surrounding countries, such as India, Pakistan, Sri Lanka, Saudi Arabia and other countries are also more active customers.图片

The Xunda exhibits new, new push stainless steel anti-fingerprint embedded stove, island smoke machine, sports car automatic tail design smoke plate, attracting a lot of customers eye, the introduction of new products to strengthen the Division I brand image. Show the scene to add a user experience demo link, fragrant golden egg tarts, cheese horseradish baked eggs, Orleans roasted wings, by the Division I oven production. The fume simulates the fog volume of the steam pot to show the PS01 hood 20m³ / min high suction. Prepared glass panels in advance of high temperature, stamping test video, but also bring customers a strong visual impact.


Promote the order is our ultimate goal, the face of more and more critical customers, the face of information explosion competition, how do we stand out? How to stabilize customers? We rely on the product, by the character. Depth study of customs data, insight into the market trend, to understand the mainstream brand positioning and sales channels, familiar with the competitive price range, combined with customer procurement behavior targeted products, accurate cut into the target market. Department leaders organized training, we actively prepared, calmly fight.

The current Canton Fair traffic is less than the Spring Fair, but all the colleagues are full of energy, eager, the company background, product configuration, our advantages one by one instilled to the customer. We two groups, three into a group, with Xunda people unique enthusiasm to impress customers, with professional explanation to conquer customers, seize the opportunity, each break. Foreign trade is never the end of the Canton Fair, in addition to the scene and the customer face to face communication show, we are still day and night on the line to keep on duty, do not miss off any line online sales opportunities. We do not forget the beginning of the heart, struggling to move forward, and constantly strengthen the self-learning ability, enhance the level of business, do everything possible to facilitate business transactions. Winter after spring, refueling, XunDa foreign trade.

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