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XunDa head Wu Yi: adhere to the quality of the lone

Date:2/25/2016 09:29 AM

Byron in the first chapter of the first chapter of the "Don Juan", "said fresh, I suffer from no hero can write, despite today's world, the hero is endless, every year, month, the press Even after the lengthy, and then found that he was really a hero.

Indeed, China's top 500 enterprises have 500 years, almost no. If this line of sight spread to the world top 500, today's world top 500 there are several hundred years of history? "XunDa can become China's top 500, the world's top 500 is not important, the key is it in 100 years, 200 years, or even 500 years after the still standing, and more wealth can not be compared with this prospect "XunDa head Wu Yi so outspoken about his future vision of XunDa.

Where is his emboldened?

XunDa has been sitting on the "hundred years of brand" on the train, I hope this train did not end

Founded in 1984, XunDa, in 2014 has ushered in its "30 anniversary" of the adult ceremony. XunDa's brand development history, not so much the history of the development of enterprises, it is better to say that the development of China's kitchen electric industry in miniature.

Recalling the history of 31 years before the start of the story, Wu Yi, chairman of the fall into his father Wu Shangkui business memories of the past. "80s of last century, the coastal areas have been the rise of the business boom, if a government staff resigned to the sea, is not a fresh thing. Inland differences, relatively conservative, and my father has become the first Xiangtan City A person who loves crabs.

However, this choice can not be said to be rational at the time. Because, 31 years ago, from the people to the government policy, from the raw material market to the product market, for the real economy has a variety of obstacles. The same is true, "a few years before XunDa's creation, my father also experienced a lot of suffering: the financial constraints, he would like to live frugally, borrow the West; lack of staff, he is engaged in new products Of the development, but also shoulder to hand to do porters; no money to advertise, had to push the tricycle along the street selling; because the concept of obsolete, he worked hard to develop new products are always sold not to form the industry ... ... "

But fortunately, whether it is XunDa founder Wu Shangkui or head of the succession of Wu Yi, chairman, did not be intimidated, but no retreat, but self-reliance, ushered in, hard work, just in the absence of industry, Market advantage of the Hunan market adhere to deep plowing. Probably still the ancients said: "The day will drop any people in the people also, bitter their minds, will be their bones, hungry their body, empty their own, the gain can not ... ..." experienced the early start of all the hardships , XunDa quickly entered the fast lane of development, broke a new world.

People often say thirty standing. For XunDa, 31 years is when the prime of life, shed the Sentimental, become more mature and stable. 31 years of ups and downs, from scratch, from small to large, from weak to strong, from Hunan Province to Hunan Province, from abroad to abroad ... ... witnessed the Chinese XunDa perseverance perseverance, growing growth footprint. Wu chairman hope to see is that XunDa this trip opened 31 years on the train, continue to open down, and this train did not end.

Adhere to the quality of the road unwavering, with the spirit of craftsmen to build XunDa "century brand"

And good at marketing story of the brand is different, Wu chairman more advocating "craftsmen culture." Speaking of Chinese manufacturing, Wu, chairman of the board that can represent the level of manufacturing in China, whether business or products are still very small, the overall quality and Japan, Germany, a big gap. "This is particularly evident in the kitchen electric industry, and now a large part of the kitchen electric business enterprises are accustomed to speculative marketing tools to win high sales, really sink to do the product and no business." Mr. Wu Yi I am sorry for this.

It is not a coincidence that the secret of their longevity is to convey a spirit, a spirit of pursuit of ultimate perfection and excellence - artisan spirit! " Chairman Yi is very respected the German people's focus and ingenuity, anti-constantly frustrated to create the concept of corporate behavior. "What is the difference between this and the language story of ancient buying?"

Therefore, Wu Yi, chairman of the XunDa for each of the parts, every process, each product are strictly control, do not allow any flaws. "My management is very clear where my bottom line is, that is the quality of the product.I usually not a very tough person, but as long as I touch the bottom line, I will not tolerate.

In the eyes of XunDa, only the quality of excellence, the meticulous manufacturing, the pursuit of perfection, in addition, no other. It is with this spirit of the spirit of the spirit of the artisans, from the beginning of the beginning of a cast iron desktop gas stove to now several iterations of the embedded high-efficiency swirl gas stove, after a strict check to the market, all by the user groups Of the sought after, without exception. "XunDa products strong to what position it is used XunDa brand say good, if someone said bad, then I am sorry, but also my fault, because Xunda sell well, so you buy the market Counterfeit XunDa brand products. "Can be perceived, Wu Yi, chairman of the 'Xunda made', 'XunDa stove' look of pride and self-confidence.

As the second generation of family business head, Wu Yi, chairman of the board carrying more families and even peers and outsiders attention, so the burden of his shoulder is not easy. He considered more of the inheritance and inheritance, change and the same problem. He said frankly, "I often think of the status quo of Chinese enterprises 'leading the three years', I will be sleepless nights, walking on thin ice, trembling .I do not want to become such a member, of course, the fact that is not such a member. "

XunDa 30 anniversary celebration, Wu Yi, chairman of the vision of XunDa is also expressed very clearly, that is, "Centennial XunDa." And XunDa's focus, ingenuity, not drift with the spirit, but also will support XunDa to Everlasting career. Yes, now is the beginning of the year of XunDa, to give him more solid support, more emboldened. "And 'three or four years' different, XunDa to do is dominate 'hundreds of years.' Popular point, with its 500, it is better to do 500 years, survive is the king. Enough to see, today's XunDa ambitious, is bound to not be underestimated.

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