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Wu Yi in charge of XunDa discipline: do a low-key high-profile brand quality

Date:2/25/2016 04:16 PM


"Low-key people, do not love show, diligent and pragmatic," raised Xunda head Wu Yi, people around often give such a product evaluation. And "less talk, do more" these four words, has also become chairman of Wu Yi's life in the four words Proverbs. Perhaps this is the character, so that Chairman Wu Yiyi over the years to sink, led the team to a geographical advantage in the kitchen without any advantage of the world can be vertical and horizontal 31 years, and created an industry "legend."


Decades of ups and downs of business, with the name interwoven, what is the temper he not forget the early heart, forward outrageously in silence? 

Hunan is electric kitchen island, XunDa also will take root survival here 

XunDa brand from strife largely located there is a direct relationship between the inland province of Hunan. In fact, compared with Zhejiang, Guangdong and other coastal areas of the brand, Schindler in the production of raw materials procurement, service providers, the introduction of foreign management technology, personnel support are more difficult. 

However, XunDa is in such a harsh industrial environment step by step growth, compared with other brands compared to the condition is particularly richly endowed by nature, is not easy. And these are more closely related to the founder of Schindler, Wu Yi's father. 

"Mechanical Engineering Department of Hunan University graduates in 1968 in Xiangtan City, the resignation of the sea first" and "2000 loan business", "less than 10 R & D team", "Xiangtan new product research institute" and "slit spiral flow fire combustion technology"...... These key words, constitute the founder of XunDa Wu Shangkui's entrepreneurial history, which is difficult to say for themselves, Wu Lao. 

But for the two generation of the succession of the Wu Yi chairman is not the case? 

Today looking back XunDa founder of this process, XunDa's success is due to a good development environment, its significance in addition to represent an important historical stage of non-public economy to go outside, more important is to fully show the science and technology into the necessity and superiority of productivity. 

Now times have changed, many enterprises, products, information, the competition is fierce...... Under the situation of deteriorating competition, as entrepreneurs to think about the new layout. Since Wu Yi chairman from 1999 in succession, with time, the results tell the world the answer is focused, concentrate, professional, adhere to business, adhere to the market, to consumers. According to the specific situation, eat mouth meal, but also prepare for the next meal. 

How to make XunDa today? In a sense, to concentrate on manufacturing for 31 years, the evolution of China XunDa, what is not the inevitable product, like many excellent private enterprise, it is walking on a road of the market is both unique and universal, its growth path and speed is still full of personality. 

31 years, little research originated from a mere 5 person, to reach today has the nation's largest gas appliance manufacturing base, new energy - the country's largest rural biogas stove and related products manufacturing base, XunDa gas stove was Chinese brand, A Well-Known Trademark in China title...... Such a development path, it is difficult to some common concept of economics to analysis, also cannot use those broad company operation mechanism or an economic model to be compared, which is XunDa's most attractive place, is a Chinese non-public and exploration efforts in economic growth. 

In an old industrial city with state-owned enterprises, private enterprises in Xiangtan since the beginning of reform and opening up, staged a from the sparks of fire to Liaoyuanzhishi era drama, its inherent toughness and grassroots innovation pursuit, the Xiangtan industry to the sky is full of infinite daydream, XunDa has become the symbolic meaning of the history of the development of Xiangtan private industry samples. 

Chairman Wu Yi said: "XunDa is a local brand a gilded signboard in early Hunan, but not in the fast Master from 31 years ago a gilded signboard stagnation, has been hard to concentrate on the manufacture, focus on innovation, never extravagant exaggeration, rendering their own advertisements. Because the industry is in the real, the letter to be honest 'is the core values of Schindler's corporate culture, fast people believe in honesty, sincerity, integrity, sincerity, advocacy is endless innovation. 

The "Crazy" and "madman", is a sort of religious worship belief quality 

Did, in XunDa, regardless of is the founder of Wu Shangkui or his successor Wu Yi, and all of the Schindler people are consistent with an unexpectedly strong attitude, dedication to innovation. The outside world counterparts to understand Schindler, Schindler founder Wu Shangkui will serve as the quality of religious worship act of faith, affectionately known as the "Crazy" and "madman", "expert". 

The students surpass the teacher. master. As a new generation of Schindler leader, Wu Yi is some practices in the new technology and new product R & D investment at all costs, even surprise you, but you have to admire the XunDa technology innovation on the growth in the joint efforts of the two generation, is so rapid, insist on. 

In 2006, Mr. Wu Yi personally under the auspices of the world's first intelligent gas stove in Hunan Chinese was born in Xiangtan, XunDa once again to the traditional gas stove was the epoch-making revolution, the traditional kitchen concept fundamentally subverted. 

Started hard pioneer from Mr. Wu Shangkui by the patent, Mr. Wu Yi started to subvert the industry practices, the introduction of modern management mode, the implementation of sophisticated management, 31 years will soon become the past, in the XunDa innovation be copied unlimitedly, so far, XunDa has declared 260 patents approved 163. The amount of patent application in the industry first. 

And each generation range change almost all sponsored by XunDa, users will express loyalty and reputation in the joy, surprise and moved. This will be in the "China manufacturing" is generally considered to be of inferior quality and low technical content of "cheap" era, the quality of Schindler's belief, artisan pop out image. This to the quality of each product increased from 99% to 99.99% and the courage not every entrepreneur can do. 


However, many people think that the craftsmen just do the same thing, day in and day out, not dull as ditch water change. In fact, the craftsman has a more far-reaching significance, he is a representative of the era of temperament, is the love of his occupation, the pursuit of excellence in product design, perfect. Although artisans are not necessarily entrepreneurs, most successful entrepreneurs have the spirit of the craftsman. Wu Yi was the most devout of the craftsman spirit. 

XunDa gas stove why be the first in the industry? Philosopher Russell said: "whatever you do, do your best. There are no secrets to success, so long as you do what you have to do." This is Wu Yi. He took over from XunDa at the beginning, it is always one thing and effort, no best, only the best. 

Ten years, Wu Yi has been keen to promote their own story stand in the spotlight. He is always indifferent and orderly management, intentnesses development of XunDa, with its own unique low-key, the potential enemies in the competition pattern, step by step with XunDa's brilliant achievements. 

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