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honor! responsibility! Spur! China Quality Award Nomination Award - XunDa Technology Group

Date:3/21/2016 09:20 AM

"China Quality Award" is the highest honor in the field of quality, in 2012 by the AQSIQ reported to the Central Committee approved the establishment of the China Quality Award and the China Quality Award nomination, once every two years, Quality management models, management methods and management systems, and individuals who have made outstanding contributions to the promotion of quality management theories, methods and measures.

★March 9, 2016, XunDa Group officially received the China Quality Award Award Recognition Committee, the State Administration of Quality Supervision, Inspection and Quarantine, "on the second session of the China Quality Award Award decision": XunDa Technology Group Co., Ltd. and other 89 organizations And 11 individuals were awarded the 2nd China Quality Award and the 2nd China Quality Award nomination award by the China Quality Award Recognition Committee. XunDa has become the first batch of kitchen electric industry won the China Quality Award nomination of enterprises.


★Over the years, XunDa Group adhere to the customer satisfaction as the highest pursuit, the implementation of "quality is more than all" quality development strategy, from product design, spare parts supply, intelligent manufacturing, customer service and other aspects of continuous innovation and quality management, , Successfully among the world-class enterprises and world-class brand ranks.

★XunDa Group, depending on the quality of the lifeline for the enterprise, always abide by the "quality can not make a glorious enterprise, but enough to make a loss of business loss" Proverbs, adhere to the technical development of quality development strategy, customer satisfaction quality standards, innovative quality development strategy , To establish a process-based quality management system, continue to improve product quality and level, become the industry leader.

★XunDa was awarded the second session of the China Quality Award nomination, not only the state of XunDa perseverance to grasp the quality, to explore innovative quality management experience, to play a leading role in the demonstration, will also encourage the company to continue to promote honesty Trustworthiness, continuous improvement, innovation and development, the pursuit of excellence in the spirit of building a strong power to their own responsibility to reform, innovation and development as the driving force to management innovation, technological innovation to promote quality upgrades, to achieve the quality of the dream and the construction of a century XunDa and continue Efforts! The The

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